Burma Superstar

IMG_4668 Burma Superstar MAKEUP

 Sometimes I get tired of eating sushi or pho. I’m rarely adventurous but a nice alternative is Burmese food. Burmese cuisine is influenced by the neighboring countries- India, China, Laos and Thailand. The dishes are flavorful and unique.

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Out of all the Burma Superstars that I’ve tried in the Bay, the one in Alameda is my favorite. The atmosphere is cozy, the lines are shorter, and the food is great. We got Burmese Samusas to share and each ordered our own dish.  The dishes are big enough to split one between two! I would highly recommend ordering their coconut rice as well.

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My dish was the chicken kebat. The chicken was moist and it wasn’t too spicy.  I can’t wait to try making this myself at home.

Visiting Connie

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Last weekend was a little departure from a carefully planned routine weekend. A weekend that I needed, to break the cycle of keeping myself locked up in my apartment. So I braved Bay Area traffic, and drove directly to Santa Maria after work. 

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H&M Crop Top  XS (old)  &  American Eagle Hi-Rise Shorts 00
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A boat, a raft, and lots of laughs

Let’s just say that I am the opposite of a thrill seeker. I cling to my planner and plan my life for fun. So pushing myself to do slightly dangerous things takes a lot out of me.  I tried rafting for the first and probably the last time. I’d rather just sit on a boat and lounge around than actually go in the in the water…
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After spending Saturday at Lopez Lake, we decided to have a quick stop at the beach before I make my trek back to the Bay. Montana de Oro is secluded and serene, perfect for a picnic for two. Personally, I would pick a cute spot on the bluffs and read a book alone.