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Hmong Hat DIY

This type of Hmong hat or headdress is worn by Hmong who lived in Sayaboury and they wear sev plooj. I believe some types of Hmoob Dub also wear a similar hat with a skirt. A small coin belt/sash is placed around the hat as well.

DSC_0689-1024x683 How to make a Hmong Hat | Phuam DIY OUTFITS


Interlock Canvas

Purple Cloth

Black Cloth

Old T-shirt

Siv Ceeb (two types)

2 siv ceeb with 2 rows  paj co

Pom Pom Boa


::Hmong Hat Directions::

IMG_1721-1024x768 How to make a Hmong Hat | Phuam DIY OUTFITS

  1. First make a pom pom boa of out of yarn.
    • Take a white rope
    • Wrap yarn around rope
    • Tie the top of the yarn really tight
    • Repeat until you have a pom pom boa to your desired length

DSC_0690-1-1024x788 How to make a Hmong Hat | Phuam DIY OUTFITS

2. Cut interlock into two shapes. The first shape is a circle with a slight point for the top of the hat. The other shape is used for the side of the hat.

3.  Sew purple cloth onto the second shape. First hand baste the purple fabric onto the interlock canvas. It works best with a fabric that has some stretch to it.

4. Cut an old t-shirt to sew on the inside of the second shape. It doesn’t really matter which color since it will be on the inside. Fold the edges and hand sew the t-shirt to the interlock and purple fabric. Remove baste stitches when down.

5. Cut 2 pieces of black fabric a little large that the top of the hat. Take one piece of black fabric and fold the fabric over the interlock. Hand baste stitch the fabric to interlock. Take the second piece and tuck in the edges and hand sew to the interlock and first piece of fabric. Remove baste stitches.

DSC_0689-1024x683 How to make a Hmong Hat | Phuam DIY OUTFITS

7. Take the purple piece and wrap it around your head. Pin the edges together. Hand sew the edges.

8. Take the top piece and sew onto the top of the purple piece. Since the purple piece is drawn at an angle it should be slanted. This hat does not look pretty if there isn’t an angle.

9. Take the siv ceeb with the larger print and wrap around the bottom of the hat. Make sure one piece over laps the other and to leave about 1 cm of purple showing. Hand sew the siv ceeb onto the purple layer. Alternate the different type of siv ceeb and repeat. Make sure to wrap in the same direction for each layer.

10.. Place the pom pom boa on the edge and top of the top of the hat and hand sew the boa on the hat.

DSC_0681-1024x819 How to make a Hmong Hat | Phuam DIY OUTFITS 11. Place the siv paj co on top of the hat. Hand sew it on the top. You can leave a little bit to hang off the back.

12. I store the little money belt away separately so that it doesn’t tarnish. When wearing the hat place a little money belt below the pom pom.

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments below if you want to see more tutorials on Hmong clothes.

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 How to make a Hmong Hat | Phuam DIY OUTFITS

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