Goodbye Grandpa

Choua Ger Chang

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My grandpa passed away late last night.

This year I challenged myself to share all side including the struggles and not just happy moments. My grandfather fought long and hard but could not overcome his illness. My heart aches when I recall his last days. However, that’s not how I will remember him.  In my mind and in my heart, I still see my grandfather how I saw him as a child.

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With an overwhelming amount of sadness, I not only say goodbye to my grandfather but to last of his generation in my family. He watched his siblings pass before him and now he can finally be reunited and walk with them again.

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My grandfather helped raise me and contributed to many of my values. When people praise me for being polite, considerate, and kind,  I can only thank my grandfather. His heart was so big and he loved so much.

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He was a man of persuasive eloquence and wide generosity. I wish that I inherited just a little of that. I remember taking him to Disneyland and to my favorite ride- Space Mountain. He described it as the tunnel of death because of the super bright flash of light towards the end. He didn’t understand the flash came from the camera.

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He loved animals especially birds. When he saw the penguin exhibit, he asked well almost pleaded that we take some penguins home for him to keep as pets. I had to explain to him that they couldn’t live in Fresno.

I may have lost a very important person in my life, but I keep him in my heart and in my memories. Recalling time spent with him helps soothe my pain just a little bit. Right now I’m not okay but I will be. His service will be next weekend October 13-15th at Hmong Memorial Chapel off of Belmont. Please help us send him off and honor his love for us all.

Yawg, mus zoo koj. Kub hlub thiab nco koj heev.

May you rest in peace.