Scorpio Season :: Turning 25 & 25 Joys

Carolyn Chang

Hi Everyone!

I am a quarter of a century! I’ll admit that I had mixed feelings about turning 25. Apparently, my adult brain is fully developed now and I want to dedicate a reflective post to 25 things that bring me joy. This forces me to think about things that make me happy and to focus on the positive.

DSC_0058-edit-1024x1024 Scorpio Season :: Turning 25 & 25 Joys LIFE

25 Things That Bring Carolyn Joy

1. fall 2. a cup of tea to start the morning 3.  clean makeup brushes 4. traveling 5. getting lost in a museum 6. watching the sunrise from sutro baths 7. candles 8. reading while listening to rain 9. fresh roses 10. the smell of pine 12. expresso during dinner 13. too much pink 14. dressing in hmong clothes 15. glitter 16. puppies 17. foodie adventures 18. the perfect shade or red lipstick 19. matching mani and pedi 20. flower crowns 21.  bad puns 22. wine tasting 23. trying new makeup looks 24. fresh cookies 25. city lights

DSC_0079edit-683x1024 Scorpio Season :: Turning 25 & 25 Joys LIFE

What are some things that bring you joy?