Visiting Connie

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Last weekend was a little departure from a carefully planned routine weekend. A weekend that I needed, to break the cycle of keeping myself locked up in my apartment. So I braved Bay Area traffic, and drove directly to Santa Maria after work. 

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H&M Crop Top  XS (old)  &  American Eagle Hi-Rise Shorts 00
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A boat, a raft, and lots of laughs

Let’s just say that I am the opposite of a thrill seeker. I cling to my planner and plan my life for fun. So pushing myself to do slightly dangerous things takes a lot out of me.  I tried rafting for the first and probably the last time. I’d rather just sit on a boat and lounge around than actually go in the in the water…
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After spending Saturday at Lopez Lake, we decided to have a quick stop at the beach before I make my trek back to the Bay. Montana de Oro is secluded and serene, perfect for a picnic for two. Personally, I would pick a cute spot on the bluffs and read a book alone.