Sneak Peek :: Hmong Outfit & Sequins

Hi, everyone! Today I’m sharing pieces of the many projects that I’m currently working on and will eventually add to my Hmong Outfit Series on my blog. I love how vintage styles are coming back and I can’t wait to have some modernized paj ntaub cog ci outfits.

:: Sequins, Beads, & Fishing Wire ::

I’m almost done with the embroidery of the various sequin outfits that I have planned out this year. Adding the sequins is taking me longer than I expected but I tend to make my life a little more difficult by choice. I decided that it would be a bright idea to use fishing wire instead of a thread so that I wouldn’t have to see threads. Fishing wire is harder to work with but so far I like the result. For this outfit, I love how the sequins and beads catch the light.

:: Hmong Outfit ::

Here are a couple of pieces Hmong outfits that I ‘m working on.

Sequin-Stripe-1024x731 Sneak Peek :: Hmong Outfit & Sequins DIY

I have 3 different sequin outfits in mind. Only planning on finishing 2 in time for Hmong New Year.

Blue-Sequin-1024x732 Sneak Peek :: Hmong Outfit & Sequins DIY

My pile of trims for various shirts as well.

Fabric-and-Trims-1024x731 Sneak Peek :: Hmong Outfit & Sequins DIY

I still have a tutorial that I have to finish filming and need to work on recording a voiceover.

:: Hmong Hats ::

With a plethora of outfits, I matching hats on my list of to do as well. I don’t own a phuam hmoob txaij but I’m basing mine on pictures. Honestly, I would save myself a lot of time if I just bought myself one but I tend to not be 100% satisfied with hats that I see a lot of vendors sell. I guess most of them don’t match the vision I have.  I’m waiting for my silver to arrive to add to my hat. Also, I’m still debating if I want to add a couple of pink pom poms to my hat or not. Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in a tutorial.

Phuam-Hmoob-Txaij-1024x731 Sneak Peek :: Hmong Outfit & Sequins DIY

Sequin-Princess-Crown-1024x731 Sneak Peek :: Hmong Outfit & Sequins DIY

Thank you for reading! I’m trying my best to stay on top of my projects and updating my blog more regularly. I have a couple of trips planned so I just need to budget my time more effectively.

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Sneak Peek :: Hmong Outfit & Sequins DIY

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