Teeth Whitening Review

Disclosure: I received this teeth whitening product complimentary from Smile Brilliant. All opinions are my own.

Hi Everyone! I mentioned in my November Favorites that I loved Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening system. Let me give a little background, I used to use Crest white strips but stopped because it made my teeth more sensitive. I had one tooth in particular that bothered me. Additionally, I would have chemical burns on my gums after using the white stripes.  For the past year or so, I used other teeth whitening products such as whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. However, I can’t seem to give up wine and tea so I was willing to try an alternative teeth whitening system when I was offered the chance by Smile Brilliant. Without regular whitening, my teeth were stained.  I wanted to see if this product would help but not make my sensitivity worse.

: Smile Brilliant :

First, you have to create a mold of your top and bottom teeth. One of the things that I liked the most was the personalized trays. The tray also covered teeth usually not covered by whitening strips. Sometimes I would whiten while I do my makeup but I found that it fit into my routine better when I was using them while I was getting ready for bed.

Each syringe could be used 3-4 times. The after gel helped with sensitivity, however, I didn’t really experience sensitivity without it. I would totally repurchase this product as it was easy to use and didn’t make my teeth more sensitive.

: Before and After :

Here are my before and after photos. The bathroom lighting didn’t really do the pictures justice.

Before Teeth Whitening Review LIFE

After-1024x396 Teeth Whitening Review LIFE

When I first started out using them I only noticed a slight difference but after 14 treatments friends and family were starting to notice and compliment me. Honestly, the yellow lighting of the bathroom made me think nothing was happening but if other people were starting to notice something must be changing.

Here is a photo in natural light a couple of days after I finished using the treatment. Before I was a little skeptical but after seeing the results myself and after the countless compliments, I knew that this product worked especially after seeing the pictures from this shoot.

DSC_0250b-746x1024 Teeth Whitening Review LIFE

DSC_0270-1024x683 Teeth Whitening Review LIFE

Overall, this is one of my favorite teeth whitening treatments that I’ve used. After finishing 14 treatments, I was pleased with the results. I would highly recommend this product and personally, I would use it again to maintain the level of whiteness.

: Smile Brilliant Giveaway :

Here is your chance to try Smile Brilliant! One lucky ready will win $149 store credit for their very own teeth whitening kit. You can enter HERE!

My promo code is petiterosesandwine15 for 15% off.

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Scorpio Season :: Turning 25 & 25 Joys

Carolyn Chang

Hi Everyone!

I am a quarter of a century! I’ll admit that I had mixed feelings about turning 25. Apparently, my adult brain is fully developed now and I want to dedicate a reflective post to 25 things that bring me joy. This forces me to think about things that make me happy and to focus on the positive.

DSC_0058-edit-1024x1024 Scorpio Season :: Turning 25 & 25 Joys LIFE

25 Things That Bring Carolyn Joy

1. fall 2. a cup of tea to start the morning 3.  clean makeup brushes 4. traveling 5. getting lost in a museum 6. watching the sunrise from sutro baths 7. candles 8. reading while listening to rain 9. fresh roses 10. the smell of pine 12. expresso during dinner 13. too much pink 14. dressing in hmong clothes 15. glitter 16. puppies 17. foodie adventures 18. the perfect shade or red lipstick 19. matching mani and pedi 20. flower crowns 21.  bad puns 22. wine tasting 23. trying new makeup looks 24. fresh cookies 25. city lights

DSC_0079edit-683x1024 Scorpio Season :: Turning 25 & 25 Joys LIFE

What are some things that bring you joy?

Goodbye Grandpa

Choua Ger Chang

Scan-36-1024x816 Goodbye Grandpa LIFE

My grandpa passed away late last night.

This year I challenged myself to share all side including the struggles and not just happy moments. My grandfather fought long and hard but could not overcome his illness. My heart aches when I recall his last days. However, that’s not how I will remember him.  In my mind and in my heart, I still see my grandfather how I saw him as a child.

Scan-44-683x1024 Goodbye Grandpa LIFE

With an overwhelming amount of sadness, I not only say goodbye to my grandfather but to last of his generation in my family. He watched his siblings pass before him and now he can finally be reunited and walk with them again.

Scan-42-683x1024 Goodbye Grandpa LIFE

My grandfather helped raise me and contributed to many of my values. When people praise me for being polite, considerate, and kind,  I can only thank my grandfather. His heart was so big and he loved so much.

Scan-43-683x1024 Goodbye Grandpa LIFE

He was a man of persuasive eloquence and wide generosity. I wish that I inherited just a little of that. I remember taking him to Disneyland and to my favorite ride- Space Mountain. He described it as the tunnel of death because of the super bright flash of light towards the end. He didn’t understand the flash came from the camera.

Scan-40-682x1024 Goodbye Grandpa LIFE

Scan-53-1024x683 Goodbye Grandpa LIFE

He loved animals especially birds. When he saw the penguin exhibit, he asked well almost pleaded that we take some penguins home for him to keep as pets. I had to explain to him that they couldn’t live in Fresno.

I may have lost a very important person in my life, but I keep him in my heart and in my memories. Recalling time spent with him helps soothe my pain just a little bit. Right now I’m not okay but I will be. His service will be next weekend October 13-15th at Hmong Memorial Chapel off of Belmont. Please help us send him off and honor his love for us all.

Yawg, mus zoo koj. Kub hlub thiab nco koj heev.

May you rest in peace.

Zam Instyle :: Hmong New Year & Silver Lining

Hmong Outfit

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’ve been absent from blogging and social media for a while due to personal reasons. Something that has been helpful in keeping my mind busy is getting ready for Hmong New Year. I have a lot of projects that I want to finish before December. I’ll try to post about one of them by next week. These tough times renewed my love for cross-stitch embroidery and remind me of my own obsessive tendencies.

:: Zam Instyle ::

I’ve been a fan of Hmong Sister Shop‘s designs for a while now and I was ecstatic to hear about Zam Instyle. Even though I would spend a lot of time admiring the pictures on Facebook, I had some second thoughts about ordering from overseas. Shipping would expensive and I might not like it enough. Would it be worth it? Also, I have to admit, I have a lot of Hmong clothes already so do I really need more?

Zam InStyle is a company that strives to become a distributor to connect overseas sellers with customer’s in the states. They sell and rent Hmong clothes. I loved that idea and jumped at the chance to help them with their inventory shoot. In the midst of difficult times, I needed a little emotional break. Dolling up and getting dressed in Hmong clothes always brightens my day.

Dressing up in Hmong clothes always back fond memories of my great-aunt. It reminds me of the past when my great aunt would request us to come over, get dressed in Hmong clothes, and take pictures. I miss how her face would light up.

21273366_287431728331868_1345610553658428531_o-683x1024 Zam Instyle :: Hmong New Year & Silver Lining LIFE OUTFITS

This is one of my favorite outfits. I loved the royal blue and the embroidery. Personally, I would pair it up with one of my custom made white skirts instead since it flairs out more. I can’t wait to get a hat similar to this though.

::Outfit Details ::

Men’s Outfit (Shirt, Pants, & Siv):: Zam Instyle $115

Woman’s Outfit ( Shirt, Skirt, Sev, & Siv) : Zam Instyle: $160

21319147_287431538331887_8399404735083313949_o-683x1024 Zam Instyle :: Hmong New Year & Silver Lining LIFE OUTFITS

This outfit reminds me of one that Yasmi wore before. I found out that I’m not too fond of these box pleats but I loved how colorful this outfit is.

21366801_749791151866467_378521037244581604_o-1024x768 Zam Instyle :: Hmong New Year & Silver Lining LIFE OUTFITS

::Outfit Details ::

Zam Instyle Price $140

21366611_287430808331960_9088402794586912660_o-683x1024 Zam Instyle :: Hmong New Year & Silver Lining LIFE OUTFITS

The inventory is quite diverse with a lot of modern http://www.tramadolovernight.net/ designs. I always joke around that I’m an old lady stuck in a young body so I prefer more traditional designs but I love seeing new designs.

::Outfit Details ::

Zam Instyle Price $95

Thank you for reading! Please tell me in the comments below which outfit is your favorite.

Photography:: Lauj Tuam Xyooj & Wes Foto