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Happy Wednesday, everyone! Right now I’m in China visiting a friend. Being exposed to different ethnic minorites here inspires me to make more Hmong clothes.  I probably need to invest in a better sewing machine since my sewing machine is about to give out on me.

RVP-00351-1024x683 Hmong Outfit :: Silk & Lavender DIY OUTFITS

This outfit was made by my mom and I made the hat. Even though there are trendy modern outfits, I still love and appreciate simple more traditional Hmong clothes. My mom usually makes me at least a new outfit a year if not she makes me multiple. Growing up, I helped her and this year I decided that it was the time that I learned how to make them on my own.

Even though I am still a beginner, I want to spend time writing down the steps so I don’t forget.

RVP-00357-1024x683 Hmong Outfit :: Silk & Lavender DIY OUTFITS

In the outfit above, I am wearing a shirt, apron, skirt, belt, and sash. The belt is actually too long for me to tie so I have to safety pin it. I love the colors of this outfit and can’t wait to wear it during Hmong New Year.

Personally, my favorite piece to sew is the apron. There are different ways to sew it and in a future post, I’ll share my tips and tricks.

RVP-00430-683x1024 Hmong Outfit :: Silk & Lavender DIY OUTFITS

This hat is the first that I made by myself and kinda went on a hat making spree afterward. This hat is based on phuam paj a type of head wrap worn by white Hmong that lives in the region known as Tsua Noog Roov towards the Khammoune region of Laos. I loved bright colors of the headdress. By making it myself, I was able to customize the hat. The sparkly siv ceeb brightens the hat and my complexion. While looking at hats, I noticed that some people cut costs but not using siv ceeb and used a gingham print fabric instead.

RVP-00319-683x1024 Hmong Outfit :: Silk & Lavender DIY OUTFITS

The only thing that would take a while would be the embroidery on the two panels of the hat, but that was actually my favorite part. The focal point of the hat is the colorful embroidery. In order to replicate the look of a head wrap, tuck one panel in at the top and place it at angle.

RVP-00296-1024x683 Hmong Outfit :: Silk & Lavender DIY OUTFITS

Currently, I am trying to balance my wanderlust and my sewing projects. It doesn’t help that traveling inspires me to make more outfits. I already have a list of things to try to make when I get back to the U.S.  Additionally I ran out of room to store my Hmong clothes so when I get back I have to reorganize them and find a solution.

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RVP-00300-683x1024 Hmong Outfit :: Silk & Lavender DIY OUTFITS

RVP-00322-683x1024 Hmong Outfit :: Silk & Lavender DIY OUTFITS

Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make the hat. I’m going to post a different hat tutorial first because  I have access to those photos during my trip.

RVP-00284-683x1024 Hmong Outfit :: Silk & Lavender DIY OUTFITS

Thank you for reading and comment below to share your current project or how you store your Hmong clothes.

Photography:: Rosely Vue Photography

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Hmong Outfit :: Silk & Lavender DIY OUTFITS

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