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Moos Pheeb Hmong Outfit

 Hi, Everyone! Are you excited for Hmong New Year??? As I finish more and more projects, I’m getting restless. I have so many outfits and not enough days to wear them! I try to placate myself with telling myself that there is always next year. Today, I am featuring a type of Hmong Leng outfit specifically Hmoob Moos Pheeb as part of my Hmong Outfit Series. I made the shirt, apron, and hat for this outfit, the rest of the pieces I bought.
IMG_6246-1024x683 Hmong Outfit Series :: Hmoob Moos Pheeb Hmong Outfit Series

:: Hmoob Moos Pheeb ::

Hmoob Moos Pheeb live in Central Laos. Moos Pheeb or Muang Pheng is a city that is located in modern day Xaisomboun province. In the past, Muang Pheng was in Xieng Khouang Province  close to the the border of the Vientiane province.

IMG_6352-683x1024 Hmong Outfit Series :: Hmoob Moos Pheeb Hmong Outfit Series

There are two main types of headwraps that they wear-a black wrap or one with multiple siv ceeb.  Nowadays, the siv ceeb type is made into a ready to wear hat. Sometimes triangle shaped pieces of embroidery are attached to the back of the hat. I attempted to make my own hat for this outfit and I think I used about 13 layers of siv ceeb. I’ll admit it took me a couple of attempts to make it and it’s definitely worth buying. I just like trying to figure out how to make it.

IMG_6231-683x1024 Hmong Outfit Series :: Hmoob Moos Pheeb Hmong Outfit Series

The shirt is similar to that of the Hmong Leng of Sayaboury with the dab tsho sewn face down. I opted to sew mine facing up because I wanted a some variation in my collection.  Hmong Moos Pheeb tend to wear their shirt so that the rows of appliqué shows. However, the sleeve length and width vary. I’ve seen longer tapered sleeves with a small cuff or wide short sleeves with a larger cuff. The cuff tends to be a dark blue.

IMG_6255-1024x683 Hmong Outfit Series :: Hmoob Moos Pheeb Hmong Outfit Series

:: Xauv Ncais ::

In the past Hmong outfit series posts, the outfits I featured wear paired with a different type of xauv. Xauv that varied from 1 to 5 rings. My favorite xauv are the original 2-3 layer xauv from the Luang Prabang and and Sayaboury region of Laos. Tapered, round, and hollow – the torques are beautiful.  Hmoob Moos Pheeb pair their outfits with xauv ncais. This type of silver necklace can be simple or more elaborate decorated with different links and ornaments. The xauv ncais that I am wearing in the photo is an old traditional xauv. This xauv has a higher percentage of silver than the xauv that are currently being sold today. Presently, xauv are made of brass and silver and this is commonly referred to as “silver 2.” One benefit is that they are lighter and easier to wear.

IMG_6222-1024x683 Hmong Outfit Series :: Hmoob Moos Pheeb Hmong Outfit Series

:: Moob Naav Tab Laab ::

This group of Hmong is sometimes referred to as “hmoob hnav tiab liab/ moob naav tab laab” (Hmong that wear red skirts). Hmoob Moos Pheeb wear a skirt with rows of red or pink appliqué on the middle of the skirt in between spaces in the batik design. Criss cross appliqué adorn the top of the middle section of the skirt followed by alternating straight lines and zig zags.

IMG_6304-683x1024 Hmong Outfit Series :: Hmoob Moos Pheeb Hmong Outfit Series

The bottom of the skirt or  taw tiab/ taab tab consists of cross stitch embroidery – usually orange, pink, and white thread and some appliqué. Typically, green lines are appliqued along the taab tab. Additionally, the very bottom of the skirt is white and lacks appliqué. I love collecting and investing in Hmong skirts.  A single skirt consists of 5-6 yards of fabric! Just imagine the amount of time it takes to make one skirt. Honestly, if I spend my time making one I would never sell it. Traditionally, this outfit pairs with leg wraps/ nrhoob. Unfortunately, my nrhoob didn’t arrive on time for my shoot.

IMG_6194-683x1024 Hmong Outfit Series :: Hmoob Moos Pheeb Hmong Outfit Series

:: Outfit Details ::

Hmoob Moos Pheeb Shirt/ Tsho & Apron/ Sev

Silver Necklace/ Xauv Ncais (old)

Sash/ Hlab (old)

Hmong Skirt/ Tiab (42 X 19.5)

Hat/ Phuam Siv Ceeb

IMG_6328-683x1024 Hmong Outfit Series :: Hmoob Moos Pheeb Hmong Outfit Series

:: Photography ::

Nancy Vang

Thank you for reading! A lot of you have been waiting to see my finished paj ntaub cog ci outfit. I plan on sharing that outfit next and followed by my sequin princess hat or tutorial. While finishing up my outfits, I’ve been trying to make a men’s shirt. Once I have my pattern down I’ll share a picture tutorial with you all. Most likely, I’ll make myself a men’s shirt. Crop tops are in right? Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in learning how to make a men’s shirt.

*Outfit details pertains to my outfit, and the links provided are from sellers that I personally purchased from.


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