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Hmong Princess Hat

Hi, everyone! Fresno New Year is finally here. Today, I’m sharing my princess hat. This has been highly requested since I’ve been teasing with pictures and videos of the tedious process of making my very own. Honestly, it took me about a little over a month to make. First my pattern was too small and my 2nd attempt it was going to be too large but on my 3rd try I made it just right. I guess the Goldilocks method works.

Unfortunately, I won’t be making more of this hat or selling this hat. There are other vendors out there that sell a sequin princess hat just with less sequins. Like I’ve stated before it’s not profitable for me to sell, and in the upcoming months I simply won’t have the time. Stay tuned for my Fresno Hmong New Year!

A2A0675-683x1024 Hmong Princess Hat :: Sequins & Beads DIY HMONG

But first, let’s take a couple of seconds to highlight this skirt. I special ordered this skirt from Nplias Lis Vaj because I wanted a tiered pleated maxi skirt with volume. Mostly for fun outfit ideas and on the rare occasions I want to wear something more modern even though deep down I prefer traditional.

A2A0676-683x1024 Hmong Princess Hat :: Sequins & Beads DIY HMONG

:: Princess Hat ::

Originally I wanted multiple colored flower cap beads to match the pattern of the sequins of my hat but I couldn’t find more colors of the flower cap beads. Asia Supermarket in Fresno only had blue, orange, and pink. So sadly, I settled for blue which is still a little bit of win in my book since blue is my favorite color.

A2A0684-799x1024 Hmong Princess Hat :: Sequins & Beads DIY HMONG

Princess Hats were popular in the late 80s and 90s. They usually consists of cross stitch embroidery, appliqué, and beads. I still have my childhood princess hat stored with some of my favorite outfits as child.

:: Basic Steps for Princess Hat ::

  1. Complete Embroidery
  2. Iron on interface
  3. (Apply sequins if needed)
  4. Bind the hat
  5. Sew trim on top
  6. Bead the hat
  7. Line the hat
  8. Sew the back of the hat shut
  9. Attach rows of beads in the middle of the hat if needed to help hat hold it’s shape

Also keep in mind the steps are more of a loose guideline. It’s how I made my hat but it’s not the only way. I forgot to take pictures of the entire process but here are a couple of closeups.

IMG_0211-copy-1024x768 Hmong Princess Hat :: Sequins & Beads DIY HMONG

IMG_0449-1024x768 Hmong Princess Hat :: Sequins & Beads DIY HMONG

After looking at some of the pictures, I might end up sewing the back a little bit more so the gap isn’t as big. Depends on if I have time before Hmong New Year.

A2A0696-643x1024 Hmong Princess Hat :: Sequins & Beads DIY HMONG

:: Outfit Details ::

Princess Hat

Necklace/ Xauv

Sash/ Hlab 

Hmong Skirt/ Tiab (36 X 36)

A2A0679-683x1024 Hmong Princess Hat :: Sequins & Beads DIY HMONG

Thank you for reading! As the year comes to a close, I want to acknowledge everyone who helped me with my various projects and those that gave me words of encouragement and criticism. I completed outfits while pushing some off to the distant future, and explored my sense of self. For me sewing is much more than making pretty things, it’s a form expression, an art form, and multiple opportunities for improvement. Documenting my journey is completely allows me to jog my memory so I don’t forget. Apparently, I’m not known to be minimalist. I might not be able to actively construct things but if there’s enough interest and content with my mediocre drawing skills- tutorials can continue. I still owe a couple pattern drafting tutorials as well. There will be a slight pause in Hmong Outfit Series posts.

A2A0702-683x1024 Hmong Princess Hat :: Sequins & Beads DIY HMONG

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Hmong Princess Hat :: Sequins & Beads DIY HMONG

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