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Lululemon All the Right Places Crop II

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Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since I updated my blog! Just finished my first semester of grad school and I miss updating my Hmong Outfit Series.

I’ve been trying to incorporate exercise back into my life. I settled for yoga once a week and cardio 3 times a week with the hope of getting into weight lifting. Unfortunately, I’m not very strong and still intimidated by all of the machines so I’m starting out with light free weights first and then transition over. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces from Lululemon. It’s a little embarrassing, I go to Lululemon so often that multiple employees recognize me. When I’m more consistent, I’ll update on the specific exercises that I do. Honestly it’s still trial and error for me right now.

My Top 5 Lululemon Items

My all-time favorite is the All the Right Places Crop II. It fits all of my requirement for leggings – no front seam and they have pockets! I usually just run on a treadmill because I like running with air conditioning, but they also have a reflective cuff which is helpful if you run outside.  I have them in multiple colors and just got one replaced because there was a small hole. Love Lululemon’s commitment to quality.

LW6AMYS_0001_3-853x1024 Lululemon :: Favorites & Workout Update FITNESS

All the Right Places Crop II – Size 2

Second favorite item is the Speed Up Shorts. They have 4-way stretch and the shape allows me to have more range of motion. I wouldn’t necessarily wear them for yoga but love them for running.

LW7AVSR_028958_2-853x1024 Lululemon :: Favorites & Workout Update FITNESS

Speed Up Shorts – Size 2

Next up are the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeves. Lululemon offers free basic hemming so sometimes I’ll have them hem it so it’s shorter like a longer crop top to wear with my leggings. This helps elongate my legs. Some I have it hemmed to end at my hip to wear with my speed up shorts.  I love the thumbholes and the sweat-wicking material. I wore one on my hike up Mission Peak. Even though I was super sweaty there weren’t any visible sweat marks. Lighter colors are more likely to show sweat. Some days I’ll tie my longer tops to turn them into crop tops and to add variation.

LW3MEDS_036939_3-853x1024 Lululemon :: Favorites & Workout Update FITNESS

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew – Size 4

I really like the energy bra long line sports bras as well. This is one of my favorite staple pieces in my workout clothes collection. I love it when my leggings and sports bras match! Cute workout sets help me stay motivated to work out. Additionally, I like that it’s longer so there’s more coverage as some of my tops are open back. So there’s a little peekaboo of the straps as well. The additional coverage allows the sports bra to be worn as a crop top. I haven’t gained enough confidence to do this and my gym also doesn’t allow this so maybe one day.

LW2AUYS_0001_5-853x1024 Lululemon :: Favorites & Workout Update FITNESS

Energy Bra Long Line – Size 4

Finally, the last item would be the Align pants. The leggings are designed for light activities like yoga and it feels like you aren’t wearing anything. There isn’t compression and I personally like them more for lounging in.  The pants are versatile and flattering with minimal seams. If I could, I would collect them in every color.  Additionally, I would be scared to do cardio in these pants as the material is more delicate but I love the feel of them. I like the 25″ inseam and I tend to size down in these pants as they lack compression. When I get a chance, I want to try the Asia Fit Aligns to see how it compares.

LW5BEJS_026083_3-853x1024 Lululemon :: Favorites & Workout Update FITNESS

Align Pant II 25″– Size 0

Thank you for reading! Since I’m down with my spring semester I hope to update more on my projects and fitness journey.

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