Antelope Valley Poppy Fields

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It’s finally Spring Break! I’ve been counting down for a while and to start off my Spring Bring, I took a last minute mini road trip to Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.
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When we went one of the trails was closed off and that seemed like it lead to where most of the poppies were blooming. For parking you have to pay $10 for the day and I would advise to get there early as the parking lot fills up pretty fast.  A field of flowers gives me the excuse to do a bunch of yoga poses! Above my cousin and I are in Dancer’s pose. This is one of my favorite poses and I can’t wait to get my leg higher and go into the full expression of Dancer’s Pose. Maybe I need to get a strap.
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Some parts of the reserve are a little barren and have very few poppies as you can see in this picture while I’m in three legged dog. It was super windy the day I went so I wasn’t able to finish all the trails which was a little disappointing. The wind increased the chill factor! Wind is pretty common here so I would recommend dressing according. A lot of people didn’t stay that long due to the wind.
The trails range from easy, moderate, to difficult. One trail was a little step, but there is one paved path that is wheelchair accessible. The paved path is about 4 feet wide and there is one turn around point.
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Tip: There are more poppies and less people outside of the reserve.  In the photo above I was trying my best to smile in the wind.
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We stopped for lunch in Lancaster and took a moment to try out the Musical Road. The road has sets of grooves on it so when you drive over the groove at 55 mph it sounds like William Tell Overture.  It’s a cute little hidden gem and worth checking out while looking at poppies.

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