Antelope Valley Poppy Fields

File_000-8 Antelope Valley Poppy Fields MAKEUP
It’s finally Spring Break! I’ve been counting down for a while and to start off my Spring Bring, I took a last minute mini road trip to Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.
File_006 Antelope Valley Poppy Fields MAKEUP
When we went one of the trails was closed off and that seemed like it lead to where most of the poppies were blooming. For parking you have to pay $10 for the day and I would advise to get there early as the parking lot fills up pretty fast.  A field of flowers gives me the excuse to do a bunch of yoga poses! Above my cousin and I are in Dancer’s pose. This is one of my favorite poses and I can’t wait to get my leg higher and go into the full expression of Dancer’s Pose. Maybe I need to get a strap.
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Some parts of the reserve are a little barren and have very few poppies as you can see in this picture while I’m in three legged dog. It was super windy the day I went so I wasn’t able to finish all the trails which was a little disappointing. The wind increased the chill factor! Wind is pretty common here so I would recommend dressing according. A lot of people didn’t stay that long due to the wind.
The trails range from easy, moderate, to difficult. One trail was a little step, but there is one paved path that is wheelchair accessible. The paved path is about 4 feet wide and there is one turn around point.
File_002-5 Antelope Valley Poppy Fields MAKEUP
Tip: There are more poppies and less people outside of the reserve.  In the photo above I was trying my best to smile in the wind.
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We stopped for lunch in Lancaster and took a moment to try out the Musical Road. The road has sets of grooves on it so when you drive over the groove at 55 mph it sounds like William Tell Overture.  It’s a cute little hidden gem and worth checking out while looking at poppies.

Pink Adidas NMD_R1 Rerelease!

Every time I see these shoes, I’m like those belong on my feet. Honestly, it’s a little silly since I usually workout barefoot on a yoga mat or if I do wear shoes I fold my yoga mat over so I don’t shred the mat. Even then, I’m against wearing shoes on my carpet so I either wear indoor workout shoes or opt to go barefoot. Yet I find reasons to justify my purchase. They are pink. They will look cute with my leggings. They are mine.
Adidas is going to rerelease a couple of their shoes and tonight the shoes that I have been eyeing can possibly be mine. The shoes are going to be available at 3 AM EST or 12 AM PST. Hurry! Run! Don’t Wait!
File_000-9 Pink Adidas NMD_R1 Rerelease! MAKEUP

Above is the NMD_R1  in Sun Glow/Running White. According to the Adidas website, the shoes,”Is the look of the past inspiring the future. NMD’s innovative look pays tribute to adidas’ collective memory while boldly experimenting with new shapes, angles and materials. A sock-like stretch mesh upper gives these women’s shoes a close, contoured fit. The energy-returning power of boost™ combined with distinctive EVA heel plugs helps keep steps soft and light. A glow-in-the-dark rubber outsole adds a flash of style at night.” The difference between Sun Glow and Vapor pink is the material of the lining. Sun Glow has breathable mesh lining while Vapor Pink has a knit lining.

File_001-6 Pink Adidas NMD_R1 Rerelease! MAKEUP

Above is the NMD_R1 in Vapor Pink/Running White. The knit version is described as,  “a unique combination of shapes, angles and materials, the NMD_R1 shoes pay homage to adidas innovation. Modern design concepts and bold archival details combine with the responsive power of boost™. These women’s shoes have a sock-like stretch mesh upper for a comfortable feel.”

I can’t wait to unbox these! Let me know which one is your favorite!


Fight the Fat! The Beginning of my Fitness Journey

IMG_8454 Fight the Fat! The Beginning of my Fitness Journey FITNESS
Outfit: Sweatshirt Victoria Secret XS (old), Lululemon Cool Racerback Tank 2 (old), Victoria Secret Leggings Short XS, and Nike Free 5.0 (custom)
Today is Day 5 of PIIT 28 1.0! PIIT stands for Pilates Intense Interval Training and is a workout program developed by Cassey Ho from Blogilates. I watched Cassey’s Youtube videos for about 4 years and was interested in buying and trying PIIT 28.
PIIT 28 is composed of 28 workouts with each workout lasting 28 minutes and 40 seconds long. If you include the warm up and the cool down stretches it should take about 45 minutes.  Personally, I was trying to find something that was less than 1 hr so that I could incorporate it into my everyday routine. The only time that I can work out is before workThis requires me to wake up at 5 AM and originally I was dreading to wake up so early. The first couple of days were difficult, but now my body has adjusted to waking up that early.
I would highly recommend finding a workout partner or at least someone to hold you accountable. My cousin and I call each other in the morning to make sure we are working out instead of laying in bed.
At Day 5, I already feel more energized, flexible, and stronger. I noticed during yoga today that I completed more poses with less modifications. For me this fitness journey is less about losing weight and more about toning and getting stronger. I wanted to be consistent and more active. I can’t wait to see my results at the end of the month and will continue to post updates.
More about PIIT 28 1.0
  • PIIT 28 Program E-Book
  • PIIT 28 Workout Calendar
  • #PIITstagram Challenge Calendar
  • 17 Workout Videos
  • 17 Printable Workouts
  • 80+ Unique Exercises
  • 100+ GIFs for reference
  • Lifetime membership to the PIIT28 1.0 Portal
  • BONUS- PIIT 28 Get Flexy Guide

Personally, I picked 1.0 over her package because I already eat pretty clean but if you want to combine working out with eating clean Cassey also has a 28 Day Reset. This guide comes with a meal plan, grocery lists, and 150+ recipes.

Join PIIT 28 1.0 with me!

Bye Bye Bay

Last weekend, I decided to check out two set of mosaic tiled stairs in San Francisco- The Hidden Garden Steps and the 16th Avenue Steps. Both set of stairs are community projects set in the Golden Gate Heights neighborhood.  
IMG_5033 Bye Bye Bay MAKEUP
I prefer the art on the 16th Avenue Steps more but the Hidden Garden Steps weren’t as populated. I would recommend parking by the Hidden Garden Steps and working your way up to the 16th Avenue Steps. You could continue up to Grand View park or work your way back down. 
FullSizeRender3copy Bye Bye Bay MAKEUP

FullSizeRender5 Bye Bye Bay MAKEUP

Personally, I would admit that I dread running and avoid it. Pilates, yoga, hiking, anything but running. Stairs are a nice alternative and a good warm up workout. If only Fresno had a hidden gem like this…

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The Hidden Garden Steps, sister of the 16th Ave Steps, are less populated and it’s easier to take pictures and to enjoy. I would recommend climbing both set of stairs early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

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As of today, I end my short chapter in the Bay Area. I spent two years teaching high school in East Oakland, two long but valuable years. Two years that I will always hold near and dear to my heart. My students taught me about love, resilience, and passion. 
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I’ll miss my students. I’ll miss the weather and being able to wear sweaters year round. I’ll miss the food. It finally hit me when I started to unpack, that I’m no longer in the Bay. I’ve been a little emotional lately with missing all the good things that I had and scared of the future. It’s been a good two years, but it’s time to say good bye. 
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This isn’t good bye forever, but goodbye for now.