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Hmong Hat Tutorial

Hi Everyone! I know I promised a mens shirt drafting tutorial but I might have to push until after Hmong New Year. Today I’m showcasing a little picture tutorial on a hat that I made. In a previous post I made a version that omitted the top flap so that I could have a huge bun  top. This headwrap has various names from Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab, Phuam Hmoob Lauj, and Phuam Ntswg.

:: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab ::

Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab is worn with a sev plooj outfit and also originated from the Lao province Luang Prabang. This headwrap however is different than the type that my family typically wears as show in this post. We wear phuam dai hlaws or (phuam dai paj which I didn’t grow up hearing as often).


Black Aida 14 Count cloth

Cotton  (You can also use more textured material)

Jersey Fabric


Pom Poms



Tutorial ::

IMG_1411-1024x768 DIY :: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab DIY

  1. I drew a little pattern on paper to trace out the shape on the foam. I think I made the highest peak a little high on mine. The pattern above is folded in half and based off my measurements. I left excess on the ends about 3 inches on each side.IMG_1428-e1544814072112-768x1024 DIY :: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab DIY
  2. You’ll need two pieces of embroidery. I used a pattern that would match my outfit.
  3. Cut out black fabric that will be wrapped about the hat and for the flap. For the wrap portion, the length is about 60 inches and width is about 5 inches. The flap should be about 15 inches long and 9 inches wide. IMG_1452-e1544814097250-768x1024 DIY :: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab DIY
  4. Sew embroidery onto black fabric and hand sew the back.
  5. Next, sew the black jersey fabric around the foam. I used a really thin foam about 1/4 of an inch. IMG_1453-1024x768 DIY :: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab DIY IMG_1454-e1544814231243-768x1024 DIY :: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab DIY
  6. Then, overlap the two ends of the hat and sew.
  7. Position one end of the flap in the middle of the front of the hat and sew onto the jersey fabric.IMG_1460-e1544814321915-768x1024 DIY :: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab DIY

Wrap the other piece around the hat so that the embroidery is centered across the forehead. Hand sew it onto the hat.IMG_1461-e1544814374367-768x1024 DIY :: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab DIY 10. Now you are ready to decorate the hat with pom poms and tassels!

IMG_1468-e1544814477520-768x1024 DIY :: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab DIY

IMG_1469-e1544814505185-768x1024 DIY :: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab DIY

IMG_1470-e1544814539350-768x1024 DIY :: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab DIY

Thank you for reading! The pom poms that I used were a little larger but I was too lazy to make new smaller pom poms. The other day I realized that I had too many outfits prepared for Hmong New Year this year but it’s okay I’m almost ready for next year. I can’t wait to wear this hat with the outfit that I’m making. So stay tuned for that outfit post in the next couple of months. Next week do you want to see my outfit based off of the Hmong Leng Sam Neua or my princess hat? Let me know in the comments below!


pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 DIY :: Phuam Hmoob Haum Vaj Sab DIY

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